My son is six, with severe autism. He is completely nonverbal. Haircuts have been a challenge for us his whole life.

As soon as Nicole walked into our house, I could tell that she had a ton of experience with kids on the spectrum. Prior to the appointment, I had done an intake process, and so she knew all about my son, and brought with her toys and equipment that were appropriate for him.

In just two visits, she made a lot of progress with him in terms of what he will tolerate for a haircut. Instead of a traumatic experience, now he laughs and has a good time during his haircut.

I strongly recommend HouseCuts. I've had a really good experience with them.

- Meghan

Everything was difficult in the beginning. Doctors, dentists, transitions, nutrition, family gatherings, going out to dinner, it was all hard.  And haircuts. Those too.  There were so many things that made Harry different from his ‘typical’ peers; his behavior, his speech, his affect.  I hated that his hair, too, made him stand out and be noticed.  I wanted so desperately for him, for us, to just blend into the background.

Nicole received her license from the Empire Beauty School and has been working as a stylist for three years.  Prior to this work experience Nicole studied special education, speech pathology and deaf studies.  Nicole has also been employed by the Maryland state waiver, for Whole Self Center, working one on one with children with autism in the home and community.  She has also worked at The Harbour School in Baltimore, both as a job coach and providing one on one services for students.

Harry has beautiful hair. Without an ounce of vanity he would randomly take snips out of it, some to his scalp, others on the sides, making him look even more different.   In an effort to correct this jarring look we’d literally have to hold him down to give him a buzz cut.  This was traumatic for all involved.  After repeated attempts at various salons and cutterys I just gave up on him looking ‘normal’.  I longed for a regular boys cut befitting his adorable face.

I met Nicole a couple of years ago.  She has had experience with special needs kids, is a licensed hair stylist, and most importantly heeded the call to cut Harrys hair. What was so great was that she was happy to come to our house, where Harry was most comfortable.  I’ve left so many salons embarrassed and apologetic, with patrons looking at me with disdain and/or pity.   Nicole was willing to do whatever it took to get a great look for him.  If this meant sitting on the floor with him, gently coaxing him, giving him squeezes, distracting him with a toy or song, Nicole was happy to oblige.   

Every time I looked at his newly coifed hair I felt such pride, and relief.  He looked just like his classmates, cousins, friends.  Nicole comes to our home and with her magic and warmth is always able to get through a haircut with Harry.  Nicole is also willing to cut his big brothers hair and give my husband a cut too.  So convenient and expedient.  No more waiting at salons or scheduling appointments for the rest of the family.  I knew this was such a special service we had to share with the rest or our autism community. 

HouseCuts was launched November, 2015.  We have great hopes to help many children who are unable to visit traditional salons, and for those kids who due to their anxiety or sensory needs have a very difficult time even getting a trim from mom or dad.  Nicole will come to you and make your beautiful child look even more beautiful.  

Nicole’s patient and knowledgeable demeanor around children on the spectrum is such a perfect fit for Housecuts.  Along with this expertise she brings novel toys and sensory items for the children to play with while she expertly cuts their hair.   

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